About us

Active as a specialist in groupage transport in the Benelux and France for more than 65 years.

About us

Active as a specialist in groupage transport in the Benelux and France for more than 65 years.

Your trusted partner in refrigerated transport

Active as a specialist in groupage transport in the Benelux and France for more than 65 years.

Extensive fleet

120 tractor units and 130 refrigerated trailers

Passionate employees

170 passionate employees


More than 235 loyal clients


Benelux groupage specialist


France groupage specialist


Active as a specialist for 65 years

What do we do?

We are the refrigerated transporter for the entire food chain in the B2B market. As a specialist in temperature-controlled (-25 degrees / 25 degrees) groupage transport in the Benelux and France, we have been providing our clients with complete and unique customer solutions and concepts for more than 65 years. Our logistics and transport solutions are customised and implemented with excellence. Curious about the possibilities? Contact us today.

Our pride,
our family business

How would we describe Koel- en vries transport Voesenek b.v.? A very committed, ambitious family business with excellent refrigerated transport solutions. An organisation with a no-nonsense policy and abundant opportunities for employees, and where results and quality really matter.

Voesenek is the finest and coolest company in the Netherlands, and I am tremendously proud of that.

- Cees Voesenek

At Voesenek, we don’t talk about customers, but rather about clients. We do the work together and we need each other to achieve the right result. That is why we build long-term partnerships in which equality and trust are key.

I love working with my people to develop great transport solutions for our clients.

- Cees Voesenek

Focus, that is what we have been concentrating on in recent years and will continue to do so in the future. We focus on the things we are good at, because we believe that is where we can make a difference. Our strength lies in limiting our territory; this offers the client and us many possibilities and flexibility. What we are actually selling is time and distance under a controlled temperature.

A committed partner, specialised in refrigerated transport within the Benelux and to and from France, who adds value and has the right DNA. What do we mean by the right DNA? Driven and forward-looking. We continue to invest in people, the fleet, and our IT environment, because we believe that data helps measure better and allows us, together with the client, to improve where possible.

A clear course, healthy ambition, trust, respect and appreciation. Those are the most important pillars for me when it comes to doing business.

- Cees Voesenek

If you do business with Voesenek, you can be sure that you are dealing with an equal, reliable partner, but also an honest and critical one. So, if our services do not exactly match what you need, we will be honest about that. We want to do it well, extremely well or not at all.

In the future, we will stick to the pillars we have. It goes without saying that we want to achieve fine organic growth every year, but this must be in our existing activities. Why come up with extra tasks if you are good at what you do? We believe in our own working methods and specialisation, and in our employees, and this translates into the following values:

Cees Voesenek

Owner Voesenek Koel- en Vriestransport BV


Voesenek was originally a meat transporter. In the 1950s, Voesenek Sr. was awarded a concession by the municipality of Breda to transport meat for the region’s wholesalers and butchers. In a sector in which many family businesses were sold off, Voesenek managed to realise significant growth, which prompted a move to the Trekpot in Breda. This location eventually also became too small, which resulted in a move to the current premises at the IABC in Breda.

2022 will be characterised by a digital transition, with major investments in a new TMS (transport management system), driver devices/app, track&trace on all trailers with temp monitoring, and expansion of the AFAS package.
the coronavirus crisis is spreading and has hit us hard as well, but thanks to fast and adequate action, our clients were not affected.
Extension of premises and site
healthy and steady development from 70 vehicles to 120 in 2020
weathered the banking crisis well because of its strong and solid own position
May 2002, move to IABC in Breda
Opening of the location at the Trekpot in Breda
Groupage transport to France added to services.
Start of national distribution of frozen products.
Voesenek Sr. starts a transport company for regional transport with one vehicle.

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